“SNAP provides good nutrition”

Ken Nobis, President of the Michigan Milk Producers Association and dairy farmer in Michigan, believes that SNAP is a strong program that belongs in the Farm Bill. He believes it should be all encompassing and that SNAP is vital to providing good nutrition to a wide range of individuals and families.

“SNAP provides good nutrition to the underprivileged of this country”, Nobis said.

Nobis says it is important to include all groups of people when we think about providing nutrition to our communities. He says milk is such a nutrient dense product, and his association wants to share healthy milk products as much as possible.

MMPA donates to FBCM’s member food banks

“In just the past year, we have donated a 150 gallons per day for 365 days”, Nobis said. The Michigan Milk Producers Association has donated milk to all 83 counties in Michigan; resulting in over 2.6 million servings of fluid milk being donated to the Food Bank Council of Michigan over the past 4 years!

FBCM and its members are so grateful for the support MMPA has shown to our network!

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