SNAP is good for MI and you!

As we near the end of 2018, we soon hope to find ourselves across the finish line of the Farm Bill negotiations in Congress, as well. The Farm Bill encompasses an enormous amount of legislation, including the nutrition title. SNAP or the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (formerly food stamps), is the largest part of the nutrition title, and a frequent topic of conversation. But whom does it benefit? SNAP provides a hand up to many people in times of need.


For many veterans across the country, returning to civilian life can be challenging. SNAP provides much needed resources during that transition.



Children can be especially vulnerable to negative impacts of hunger. Keeping tummies full can promote proper growth and positive educational outcomes- kids can’t focus and learn in school when they are hungry!



For people with disabilities, SNAP can be a vital support for making ends meet. In Michigan, almost 39% of SNAP households have an elderly or disabled member.



SNAP also supports local economies, by providing spending dollars for consumers, and revenue for local businesses. Over 10,000 retailers accept SNAP in Michigan. For every dollar spent, $1.70 in economic activity is generated.


SNAP is a safety net program that helps people access a basic need when times are tough. We hope to see a final Farm Bill that supports Michiganders by supporting SNAP!

For more information about SNAP in Michigan, click here.